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Are you looking for a designer place who can just decorate your house? You are finding it difficult and struggling to find the best person to decorate your kitchen or apartment with a luxury and classy way? Well, not to worry anymore! We have found a place according to your needs. Sapna Kitchen provides you the best kind of luxury items and articles and everything according to your needs.
The beautiful, high-quality furniture and items. The elegant, wooden based material of your choice will add an extra shine in your house.

Services of Sapna Kitchen


The kitchen is the best place in the house. If you want to decorate your apartment start from the kitchen. They have the best ware of best quality. It helps to have a fresh start of the day and keeps your mind healthy. They help you to make your kitchen looks attractive.  You can cook in a relaxed and nice environment.


They have fancy, fitted wardrobes, and everything according to your needs. Nowdays, Almirah and wardrobes are turning down into modular wardrobes. You can choose from entirely such a big store for your house in your budget. You can ask them for sliding or hinged doors that are fitted by their experts. They will give you a brief introduction and help you according to your needs.


They provide entire and beautiful wooden doors. The designs are very amazing and very exclusive. They used Burma Teak wood with their best quality customized as your own interest.Folding doors can completely transform the look of your house. They have variety of options.
They guaranteed the best work they will provide.


They have elegant windows that will light up your apartment or bedrooms. The modern style windows can make your house looks great.They have all the accessory, furniture, do decore with precision to feel the desired person feel good. They have very thoughtful ideas and their purpose is of bringing light and air in the house.

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sapna kitchen gurgaon

Why choose Sapna Kitchens

Based in Gurugram, we assure you will surely get what you want and will love Sapna Kitchen! Beautiful, high quality and everything is very classy.

The services are very good and the quality is amazing. They contain exclusive items to match your dreams. You can also bring your own designs and they will just make the same accessories just as you want.

Everything about this place is well matched to what you are expecting for your apartment.

This is not a brag, a genuine display of who and what they are. Who doesn’t want luxury items for their home? Well, Sapna Kitchen is a place of your needs.

How to Reach Sapna Kitchens

Address: 39 B, Mehrauli Road, Industrial Area, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Contact number: 098183 92020

Sapna kitchens are located in sector 14, Mehrauli Road, Gurgaon. One can come from metro to the last station upto Huda City center from there you can book a cab and come by auto also.

Opening Hours: 10 AM- 6:30 PM

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The last station is Huda city center and takes a cab and auto from there to the Sapna kitchens.

So, go ahead and purchase some amazing items for your kitchen and house!

FAQs of Sapna Kitchen

What are the opening times of Sapna Kitchen?

10 AM in the morning is the opening time.

Is the staff good?

Yes, the staff is good.

Do they have a wooden based material?

Yes, they provide woodenly material.

Do they provide aluminum based material?

Yes, they provide aluminum based product.

Do they have UPVC products?

No, they don’t have UPVC products.

What is the basic price taken by Sapna Kitchen?

On Request


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