Satyanaryana Tea Stall, Sec-14, Gurgaon

Satyanarayan Tea Stall is easily the heartthrob of the Sec-14 Huda Market. Customers are always bustling around this tea shop as soon as it starts operating.

This little tea stall at the corner of the market is everyone’s favourite. People love coming here and having a cup of tea whilst they chat with their friends.

Video of Satyanarayan Tea Stall, Sector-14, Gurugram

Details of Satyanarayan Tea Stall, Gurgaon

Location Sector- 14 Huda Market
Contact 8368420042
Google Location
Opening hours 5:00 pm- 9:00 pm
Price Rs 10

More about Satyanarayan Tea Stall, Sector-14, Gurgaon

Satyanarayan tea stall is a tea shop run by the owner Mr Satyanarayan and this shop is successfully running in the market since the last 14 years.

This tea shop is always bustling with customers. People love this shop so much that they especially take out time to visit this market to quench their thirst for this special tea.

Satyanarayan Tea Stall is situated at one corner of the market. It is indeed a very small set-up. There is a table where they have put up a stove along with some snacks and biscuits.

The tea is continuously being made from scratch at an interval of every 10 mins. The tea served to the customers is fresh and piping hot.

Another thing that makes Satyanarayan Tea Shop different from the others is the fact that they make the tea according to the preferences of the customers.

If someone wants a special kind of tea, this tea stall makes sure that the customer gets it. They would be making different kinds of tea to please their customers and amplify their satisfaction.

Satyanarayan Tea Shop ensures that the customer leaves with a smile on their face. This place also serves as a place where people can chill and enjoy.

In this busy world, people don’t have time to really sit back and relax and have an actual conversation with the people who matter.

Satyanarayan Tea Shop helps you in taking out time and having a conversation with your dear ones over a cup of delicious tea.

While we were here, we noticed people who have come here from different parts of Gurgaon to just have a cup of this special tea.

The owner Satyanarayan works diligently towards making world-class tea for its customers. The best part about this shop is the fact that the taste hasn’t changed a bit since the past 14 years.

The taste of this tea is the same since the time when it was started and that is something that has kept its customers loyal.

Satyanarayan Tea Stall has been serving tea with the same quality and taste and also at the same price since the past 14 years and that is something to be proud of.


Grab your dear ones and have a sip of this delectable Tea!


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