Sham Sweets, Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon

Sham Sweets has become the go-to sweet shop for people near Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon. This sweet shop is always bustling with customers and has a very good reputation among them.

Everything they have to offer provides the authentic, traditional taste that your taste buds have not experienced for ages. The repeated customers tell for themselves that how crucial spot Sham Sweets has made in their lives by serving them and their loved ones some top-notch sweets.

Video of Sham Sweets:

Details about Sham Sweets:

Location Sadar Bazar, Near Jama Masjid, Jacobpura,  Gurgaon
Contact  9810015506
Google location
Specialty Dhoda
Opening Hours 24/7 Open
Home Delivery  Available
Price  Approx. for two people


Sham Sweets Menu Pictures:

Sham Sweets, Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon menu 1

More about Sham Sweets

Sham sweets have been serving sweet surprises for almost over 87 years now and are the business at heart till now. The sweets offered here are made traditionally, one thing that most of the sweet shops in order to modernize have lost.

Coupled with traditionalism the sweets are very authentic and taste heavenly. Every sweet they have to serve is the right blend of sweet. You would want to binge eat any of the sweets and still would want more from them.

Sham Sweets is one of the oldest sweet shops in Gurgaon and they do justice to their experience by serving the best that they can.

The Dhodas offered here are next level crazy good we have never tasted such fresh and rich Dhodas in quite a long time. The shop is filled with the fragrance of desi ghee boldly telling the main ingredient of their sweets.

The sweets offered at Sham Sweets in Gurgaon are so good that no matter whom you gift them too they are going to love them. The taste of their sweets speaks of the uncontested experience and craftsmanship that they possess in making these desserts.

Sham Sweets are so good that they have set a standard for us in marking other sweet shops. It’s a must visit for the sweet fanatics once. Above all, they serve sweets 24/7 which we think is really cool.

They have almost every Indian traditional sweet to offer as there are. Be it Gulaab Jamuns, Dhodas, Ladoos they have all in their store.

The Dhodas as mentioned earlier is their specialty and this adds another feather to their cap that they have attained perfection in cooking up such an intricate sweet, that most modern sweet shops chuck out of menu because of its complexity and the others have these hard to bite bricks of flavor.

Here you will get really soft and flavorsome Dhodas in the whole of Gurgaon.

Vlogit Gurgaon, appreciate the hard work that has gone into making Sham sweets shop among the topmost sweet shops in Gurgaon and call for our fellow Gurgaon people to make one visit to this place if they want to have the authentic traditional taste of the treasure of Indian sweets.

Also, if you find the sweets as good as we say they are sure to take some of your loved ones and make them feel special.



  1. mukul kain Reply

    this place has amazing sweet dishes I went there most of time. In one word if you want to look for a “ art in sweets” so this place is for you.

  2. priyanshi Reply

    Not being a big fan of sweet dishes i really had no idea as to where should i go to find out a sweet shop which has some amazing delicious sweets and the quality of which is also good. I had tried out a lot of recommended restaurants on this page and my experience has been really good so that is why i ended up back again on this page to find out a nice sweet shop. I tried out this place after reading about it and watching the video and i was really pleased by the end result as the sweets were really tasty and delicious.

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