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If you are struggling to find highly qualified and trained workers who make your house look shiny and beautiful then you’ve come to the right place!ShineGlow is there to provide you with the best trainers you will always get the best facilities from ShineGlow.
ShineGlow provides you with reliable staff and them clean apartments, offices, and homes and they make a place live worthy and the words actually can’t express what shine Glow actually provides.

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Services of Shine Glow

House Cleaning

ShineGlow provides the best cleaning services. They do dusting, sofa cleaning, toilet cleaning, they make your tiles classy, they clean up your kitchen, fan exhaust cleaning. They decorate, organize, and make your place beneficial. They also do toilet clean, dusting, disinfecting, cupboard cleaning, window cleaning.

Pest control

It is necessary to do pest control in your houses.ShineGlow provides you with the best facility and you will never complain about it and you will have a safe environment and you will get rid of cockroaches, Lizards, and mosquito bite.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

As you know the bathroom is a very essential place where we go 10 times a day and it should be cleaned and we also need to take care of the bathroom and shine glow workers have an experienced staff at a very affordable price. And shine glow workers make your bathroom new and a place where you like to go even 20 times a day.


As you know that shining glow provides you with experienced workers at an affordable price. They remove dust, stain, and allergies from the carpet. They will remove the stain from the carpet as if it never exists. They provide other kinds of carpet cleaning services and other things too.

Kitchen Cleaning services

Are you having trouble cleaning your kitchen? So, don’t worry shine glow is here to help with their advanced techniques and bring back the glow. A kitchen is a place where you go so many times a day and want to feel fresh. They also clean exhaust fans, stove, sink, countertop, etc.

How to Reach Shine Glow

Address: 193, First floor, Sushant Lok 3, Sector 57, Gurgaon

Phone Number: +91 9810572601


Google Map Location

You can come through the metro up to the last station of Huda City center through the yellow line and can book a taxi or cab and mark your destination up to Sushant Lok 3 which is in sector 57 of Gurgaon and can visit shine glow. You can also visit the site for more queries.

Shine Glow FAQs

Does Shine glow have their own website?

Yes, they have their own website.

Do they provide customized services?

Yes, they provide customized services.

Does Shine Glow also clean the office also?

Yes, they clean the office and they do provide many services also.

What are the main services they provide?

The services are mentioned above like home cleaning and office


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