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Tired of keeping your space arranged and struggling to do your work at the same time? Well, worry not because Shine Xperts are here to help You! Shine Xperts are Gurugram (previously Gurgaon) based commercial cleaning and housekeeping service, they provide transcendent cleaning staff of professionals who value your money and space.

They can clean anything that’s dirty, dusty and stained. Apart from this we also offer plumbing services, services of electrical equipment, Wood flooring installation, floor cleaning polishing inside house painting services in Gurugram. Their experienced professionals who care for your home, offices, and NY
Place or thing you want to get cleaned.

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Shine Xperts Services

Residential cleaning

If you want to be free from dust, infectious agents and other impurities from the house and office Shine Xperts will help you to clean all the dirt from your nearby surroundings and give you a healthy environment. They’ll mop all floors, sofas, beds, also clean floors, washrooms, kitchen, etc.

Commercial cleaning

Want someone to clean your corporate sector clean and tidy? As you know it is necessary the area should be clean where you work or live. Shine Xperts clean your office canteen, Glass clean, AC cleans and rooms make it beautiful and classy.

Floor cleaning and Furnishing

Want a solution on how to clean your furniture? Shine Xperts will polish your furniture and bring back the shine and makes it looks refreshing. They have classified workers who vacuum the apartments, gardens, offices and mop the floors and maintain your furniture.

Spider Glass cleaning

Windows washing is the upmost part of the house or whether it’s an office or anywhere else. Shine Xperts has a variety of access and tools to make everything looks classy and glamourous.

Sofa Care and cleaning

As sofas get dirty very frequently as you sit on it daily and binge-watch your favorite shows and eat chips and spill drinks all around. Shine Xperts will help you to clean and make it look fresh and overwhelming.

Why choose ShineXperts?

Shine Xperts provides cleaning services at home and office according to your needs. Shine Xperts gave you customized cleaning services. They have professionals trainees in their team. They will do your work in a proper and organized way. It is very helpful to you and makes your workload less. Do try service ShineXperts in a lifetime.

Shine Xperts Customer Reviews

Raj Mathur from Gurugram says,
Very professional and efficient service, ShineXperts is definitely
The ultimate choice for cleaning services.”

How to Reach Shine Xperts

You can contact Shine Xperts via E-Mail, phone or on their address i.e.


Phone: 9999462768, 01245060900

Address: Plot No. 532 Shinexperts Opposite Ramada Hotel, Sector- 45
Gurgaon 122001.


Google Map Location

You can take the metro and come up to the last Metro station i.e. Huda City Center through the yellow line from there you can take a cab or taxi up to Sector 45 Opposite Ramada hotel  and then you’ll reach Shine Xperts.

Shine Xperts FAQs

Does Shine Xperts have their own website?

Yes, they have their own website.

Do they provide customized services?

Yes, they provide customized services.

Does Shine Xperts also clean the office also?

Yes, they clean the office and clean it properly.

What are the main services they provide?

The services are mentioned above like house and office clean.


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