Shri Ram Dhaba Opposite to Omaxe Plaza Mall Gurgaon

Being Indian, the perfect breakfast consists of the parathas and butter. Whenever we think about having paranthas only one place comes to our mind: Murthal.

So we bring you the paranthas of Murthal in the city of Gurgaon, cutting up all the traveling time and cost. The Shri Ram Dhaba brings us the parathas to enjoy with butter and buttermilk.

Video of Shri Ram Dhaba, Gurgaon:

Details of Shri Ram Dhaba, Gurgaon:

Location CD Chowk, Opposite Omaxe Mall, Gurgaon
Contact 0124-4278885,9873349885
Google location
Specialty Parathas
Opening hours 09:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Home delivery Not available

Shri Ram Dhaba Menu Pictures:

Shri Ram Dhaba Opposite to Omaxe Plaza Mall Gurgaon Shri Ram Dhaba Opposite to Omaxe Plaza Mall GurgaonShri Ram Dhaba Opposite to Omaxe Plaza Mall Gurgaon Shri Ram Dhaba Opposite to Omaxe Plaza Mall Gurgaon

More About Shri Ram Dhaba

Thinking about what to have in the morning we usually end up at Parathas but making it is such a tedious task. The Shri Ram Dhaba here has taken up all our worries. Shri Ram Dhaba provides all types of parathas exclusively from Murthal.

The parathas as the main breakfast option for all the people of North India. The Parathas are usually available in a huge variety. Right from potato filled to the egg-filled, the parathas are exceptionally good and people of all states love this breakfast option.

The main attraction of Shri Ram Dhaba is that the parathas are made in the earthen tandoor. The parathas are made in the extreme heat of these tandoors.

The heat of the charcoal below definitely does the magic by adding more flavor to the paranthas. An additional reason for visiting this place is that the butter served here is homemade. The butter adds an extra ounce of flavor to the whole dish.

Besides that, the buttermilk does wonder in digesting the entire paratha. Barely any types of equipment are used in the preparation. Instead of using the rolling pin, the parathas are flattened using hand only.

The mixture prepared has a huge blend of Indian flavors. They are served to your plate straight from the tandoor. On the whole, if a person is feeling homesick and wants to enjoy something homemade should surely try the paranthas.

Some of the items on the menu are Aloo Pyaz Paratha, Gobhi Paratha, Mix Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Ajwain, Hari Mirch Paratha. Some other foods on the itinerary are Sandwich, Soup, Snacks, Salad, Raita, Rice, and Thalis are also available.

Vlogit Gurgaon loved the amazing parathas and they were actually outstanding. We enjoyed being fed with such love and compassion with the parathas.

The butter and the buttermilk were just icing on the top. This amazing treat is sure to build loyal customers who will keep coming back to this place no matter what.



  1. pooja khanna Reply

    tandoori paratha with lassi and homemade butter mind blowing…finger licking taste i had never taste in paratha’s must recommendable place to visit.

  2. aayushi sahni Reply

    Me and my friends one day after college were sitting and deciding where should we go to eat as all of us were really hungry at that time. One of my friends was following this page and she suggested that we should have a look as it has some really cool amazing and delicious recommendations of restaurants. So while scrolling down we found this dhaba and were quite amused to see that they are serving murthal style paranthas and that too near us. We watched the 60 seconds snippet and instantly decided to go and try it out. We had a wonderful experience and this dhaba surely set our taste buds on fire with the delicious paranthas

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