Shyam Cream Omelette: Heaven Of Omelettes, Gurgaon

Street food was, has and will always be one of the most loved foods. From the streets of Gurgaon, we have found this place called Shyam Cream Omelette which serves this unique omelette called Creamy Omelette which will make your Taste buds dance.

The stall enjoys a bunch of people who are his regular customers who come here after their office and enjoy the supper. The place was filled with people to grub this yummy omelette.

Video Of Shyam Cream Omelette, Gurgaon

Details of Shyam Cream Omelette, Gurgaon

Location Near New colony more Gurgaon Opposite to Raj Mahal restaurant
Google Location
Contact 9811693271

More About Shyam Cream Omelette, Gurgaon

Omelette is an item from which you can start your day, have it as lunch or eat it as dinner. It’s one of the most common and loved items all over the world.

Since there are so many lovers, obviously it is available in a lot of variety but we have found this amazingly different omelette called cheesy omelette.

Shyam Cream Omelette is the place where this cheesy omelette is served. It is located in New Colony Modh, Palika Bazar.

The stall has been there for about 10- 15 years. Shyam started his stall just to see whether people will like his food or not so he started to experiment with the types of omelettes by watching various methods here & there.

After experimenting by mixing equations, he finally decided to try it out by himself as well he served to his customers.The moment his loyal customers started coming back he made the omelette permanent in the menu.

Since then, his creamy omelette has become a sensation in the New Colony area. People are regular customers of Shyam Cream Omelette, they visit at least 3-4 times a week.

There were two types of omelettes, one the normal omelette which was served with the sinful dressing sauces like butter, cream & cheese.

The other one was prepared on the Tawa, in the form of scrambled eggs along with some veggies like onions, corn, bell peppers and many more.

The flavour of Omelette was so rich and the texture was so fine that you will always ask for more. The spices are well used which gives us this magical taste.

The place also serves sandwiches and plain omelette. Though he may not have a large and extended menu but whatever the place has to offer is delicious.

The place may be low on ambience as its a street-side stall but the is constant but the food is excellent and covers up for it. The place is a must-visit for all the foodies out there because you surely don’t want to miss this.

So if you’re tired of eating boring omelette at home, then step out of and get indulged into different flavours of omelettes at Shyam Cream Omelette.


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