Stickhouse, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Stickhouse is one of the famously know Indian Based parlours which is located in Gurgaon, Cybercity. As we said above, Stickhouse which is located in Gurgaon and is been famously known for providing the best in class ice creams and beverages for their consumers.

Stickhouse History

By the early 1950s, the industry spotted this market and decided to enter this business. In order to call attention to their products, they brought in some important innovations, among them the most peculiar was the so-called “walking ice cream” a milk-based ice cream coated with chocolate whose distinctive feature was to be on a stick.

It turned out to be an instant success; even though true artisan gelato was something else in taste and quality. The ice cream industry and artisan gelato developed their own successful history in the following years.

It took another 50 years to get to a new, revolutionary innovation based on a carefully considered but simple idea: what about putting freshly made artisan gelato on a stick?

Evolution of technology and Italian creativity let to for its launch of Stick house in 2009. This was an innovative project that allows any single Franchisee unit to produce an artisanal gelato on a stick, daily made with genuine ingredients.

The response received for their approach over the Ice Cream and beverages led to start its successful journey in Delhi which also helped the restaurant culminating for the establishment of more ice-cream parlours all across the city.

They have committed for providing the best in class food and service, which also led to its success and made it a name to reckon within the industry and the parlous is also easily accessible to people of all age groups.

If we talk about the cuisine they offer. You should be knowing Stick House is totally based on providing different kind Ice Cream cuisines and they also provide several varieties of Beverages as well.

Stickhouse Ambience

If we talk about the Ambience of when someone visits “Stick house” It’s sure that customers will have an awesome and experience with their staffs and Ambience.

The ice-cream parlour presents one with an extensive range of ice-cold delights in a myriad of flavours to choose from.

Their menu is designed which includes three main ingredients, they are Gelato Stick, Gelato Scoop and Waffle Stick.

Gelato includes Regular, Premium and Special. Then they also provide options like Dip, Toping for the stick.

Then is Gelato Scoop, which includes paper cup, Waffle Cone which also includes Dipping, Toppings (Regular), Toppings (Premium).

Then is Waffle stick, which includes Dipping and topping it.

The staff there are polite in their interactions and they do offer prompt service. They also provide other services like Home Delivery, Indoor Seating, Desserts and bakes, Wi-Fi.

Stickhouse Image

stickhouse ice creams

Stickhouse Best Dishes

If we talk about their best dishes they include Chocolate hazelnut, Chesscakes, Waffles, Waffle Cone are some of the most appreciated and loved menu items and they are also highly recommended by people.

As mentioned above, the menu was designed, which is divided into Gelato Stick, Gelato Scoop and Waffle Stick.

Their other best in class foods also include Brownies, Cheesecake, Baked Alaska and Belgian chocolate shake.

How to Reach/Contact Details Stickhouse

If you are looking to reach the restaurant then we will provide you with the address of their restaurant below you can go through it

Phone: +91 9930230124.

Address: K-5/A, Near Building 8-B Entrance, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Google map location

Stickhouse FAQ’s

How much will be the average cost spent for two people?

Exclusive of taxes for two people the approximate cost may go up to Rs. 250.

Do they provide home delivery service?

They do provide Home Delivery service, through delivery providers like Zomato.

Are their service and food trustable?

Absolutely yes, you can try out their food without any hesitation. Stickhouse is known for its best service and food not only that they have also been certified by to provide the best hygienic food service to their customers, so there is no doubt regarding their service and food.

What are the working hours of the restaurant?

The swift starts at 11:00 Am and ends by 11:00 Pm.

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