Summer essentials for Gurgaonites

Summer is here so is the heat! (I know you all must be knowing that by now but needed to say something) Apart from tons of water bottles, there are numerous summer essentials one can count upon to shield themselves from the scorching heat. Don’t sweat as this is not another Cinthol or dermi cool ad but more than that.

Must Have in Summers:

You might be a summer head who would love to hit up the beaches wear dresses to flaunt your curves, get a tan and drink up the cold juices. On the other hand, you can be the one who would want to get away from the hot land even if it makes you broke. Leaving all the likes and dislikes aside with increasing climate changes and decreasing glaciers every part of our livelihood is becoming hotter day by day and we need to do something about while taking care of ourselves with the goodies that are anti-heat.

We have listed down some summer essentials to shield yourself from the boiling points and deadly skin diseases.

1. Sunscreen

This would not come as a surprise to your ears, (well, right now your eyes) when we say how important it is to wear a coating TO PROTECT your delicate skin.

Sunscreen acts as a barrier of love for your skin. You must be lurking on the beauty sites to find the perfect sunscreen that works, put a rest to your worries as we have made it simpler for you just read along the creamy lines.

It’s a myth that SPF 20 and something like that would work like wonders on your skin. Sunscreen chooses to work like magic when it is paired rightly with your skin cells.

For example, if you have very fair skin (you will know this as everyone won’t shy away from calling you maida), or you have a history of skin cancer or you never get the tanned glow but the gross red sunburns then you will be needing a sunscreen of higher protecting SPF i.e., SPF 50+. You can check up your skin type in the chart below.


2. Sandals

When it comes to your peppy footwears there is some bad news for the sneakerheads. Your sweaty feet is a big NO NO for the summer season and sandals are the airiest summer essentials. There is no problem in roaming around in chappals as you wouldn’t want fungal infection growing huge at your feet. Keep your feet as airy as possible during the summer time as Gurgaon is heating up like an iron rod.


3. Maxi dresses

Ohhh! Maxi dresses are so flowy, breezy and a great fit for the summery feel. Drop the jeans off at your wardrobe and switch up to palazzo pants or maxi dresses. They keep your bod chilly and dry.

A single speck of your sweat cannot even touch you. If you don’t like to expose your skin out too much in the heat worry not, maxi dresses wrap your desires around in every size and length. You can swirl and twirl with the heat in Gurgaon with this breezy summer essential.

maxi dresses

4. Sunglasses

Did you know the skin around your eyes is the most delicate and thinnest out of all? Well, now you do! And being the delicate one makes it age faster than the rest of her pals.

The UV rays increase the process of ageing like a fast forward button. Apart from your skin cells being oldie in a blink of an eye, you can also get yourself latched on by cataract which needs surgery to get rid as far as we know.

To protect yourself from the drama the sun and its prickly rays can stir up you need your case of sunglasses ready.  You can choose to diva out the heat with the right sunglasses on the basis of your face shape.


5. Hats and caps

Caps or Hats are another important summer essential which adds a stylish tint to your outfit while protecting your pearls and skin.

You can pair up it just right with your flowy breezy maxi dresses or palazzo pants. It does more than just suit your style. It is the hidden trick to make yourself look just like the fashion bloggers you follow with minimalist efforts.

If you have a small face and short don’t go for big round hats as it will totally hide your face and it will be like a muh dikhai ceremony amidst the boiling breeze.

hats and caps

6. Scarves

You must have seen girls on scooters or on the roads walking wrapped up which you call talibanis. Well, that’s an important thing to do if you want to protect your skin from pollution and diseases.

Scarves act as a barrier between the strong boiling gushes from the wind and your skin. If you want to test this out yourself you can go out for a week wrapped and you will unwrap the difference.


7. Wipes

Keep your bag stuffed with organic wipes which will leave you feeling refreshed and clean after roaming around in the dirt and pollution of the world.

But be sure to use them at a limit as you might break out the next day. If you’re at buying wipes to clean off the impurities be sure to look out for the skin type it supports and works upon.

For summers we highly recommend aloe vera wipes, lemon wipes, the tuty fruity ones and the cucumber ones. They leave your skin feeling refreshed, energized and hydrated during the boiling weather.

This makes it the best summer essential of all time. According to us, the body shop tea tree wipes and kara aloe vera wipes work wonders.

face wipes

8. Tote bags

A big tote bag is definitely the treasure box where you can keep your summer essentials at the closest call. And for that tote bags are the best bet.

Be a little environment-friendly this summer and fill your cart with the jute tote bags or cloth bags or recyclable bags even if they don’t speak for a reputed brand but speaks quality.

tote bags

9. Organic Perfume

You don’t want to be a stinking doll, do you? You must be wondering on for we can use any type of deodorant we want to why organic? To answer your keen question, summer and sweat are the best pals to irritate your delicate skin and leave its traces of fungal infection.

Your pits will be pounding with tons of chemicals with the deodorants and sweat which will do nothing but irritate and infect your pits. It neglects the burns and bruises you can spray a puff of freshness onto your delicate skin.

organic deo

10. Face packs

Lastly, the summer essential to beat the heat which we all need to have is face packs which are of course organic and chemical free. Pamper your skin with the goodness of organic packs. The packs will repair the texture and moisture of your skin. You can DIY the packs or you can purchase some face packs from a trusted brand. To be honest, we prefer the DIY tomato pack or haldi and besan face pack. Or you can also buy the mask sheets and soak them up in the pure juices of which you want your masks to be.

face pack

  Beat the boil of your city before it beats you!


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