Summer Style in Gurgaon

Summer is here which shouldn’t have happened but nothing can stand in the way of nature, not even Thanos. Gurgaon is burning with the heat and Vlogit is here to give you some tips about Summer Style in Gurgaon. Well, getting back to the point fireball is here with the scorching heat and sweaty bods, eww.

You might be thrilled or tempted to lock yourself up in your air-conditioned castles to save yourself from harmful rays of our darling fireball. But our mothers didn’t raise quitters. Time to slap the heat out of the way and slay like the fresh flowers of your lawn. Walk and roam freely on the Gurgaon’s streets.

Let’s start with some informative summer styling tips: Vlogit Gurgaon

Bring out the papa ki pari with these summer styling tips!

Paint yourself in the colour wheel

Pastel colours gurgaon

You must have heard in your class how light colours absorb less heat and dark colours are the vicious absorbers of heat and light. Following this science, we suggest that wearing light colours would be the best bet this summer style (wait no, not this warm season, every hotty season) for you Gurgaonites.

Light colours will absorb less heat due to which you will not drench in sweat. For instance, colours like light green, light yellow, light blue, white, peach, light pink or baby pink or blush pink, red, orange, light grey are some colour that will make your complexion glow and pop out in the sun.

If you’re a black lover don’t sweat as you can wear loosely fitted clothes through which air can pass through balancing out your body temperature. BUT!! If the weather is not at all windy you need to drop your love for one day and resort to the light colour wheel.

Best and worst Fabric to wear

When it comes to the type of summer fabric you should wear the NUMBER ONE choice is always cotton. Cotton is the most breathable fabric you can ever wrap your beautiful bod around. The air can pass through like sand passing through a sieve. Cotton is a great choice if you want to run away to a casual day-out or night-out. And this fabric sells out a lot in Gurgaon’s shopping malls.

Linen is the high moisture absorbent fabric making it suitable for the best summer fabric category. It is usually stiff which means it won’t stick to your body and will dry your sweat off quickly. Leaving your body cool, calm and composed even if you’re walking on hotty shotty streets.

Rayon has thin fibres through which air can easily pass through keeping you cuties cool. Rayon is a man-made fabric made out of wood blended with Cotton, wood pulp, other natural or synthetic fibres. Being a thin fabric it sure will come handy for your summer dresses and sportswear.

Denim/ Chambray very well lowers down your denim fever. It is a lightweight tightly woven cotton. Making it sweat absorbent and heat friendly. Chambray is most preferred over denim as it is A LOT lighter than denim helping you to stay chill amidst the heat waves. And if you’re wondering, yes it is an imitation of denim but a lot lighter and heat friendly.

Not so heat friendly fabrics

Being a fully synthetic material Nylon is just not the perfect cut out for our darling sun. It will trap the heat like crazy and is a bad water absorbent. On the other hand, is sure a perfect match in winters. But is a big no-no for Gurgaon’s summers style?

Likewise, Fabrics like fleece, polyester and acrylic are the worst choices of material you can ever make for Gurgaon’s summer style.

Ideas for Summer Style in Gurgaon: Gurgaon

The sun is out so is my skin!

If you’re bold and beautiful who wouldn’t mind showing off some skin to the fashion police, get ready for a tan catching up this season. Haha! There are a lot of treaty options for this section of clothes.

The camisole is the most chill summer style. It is loose and hangs by half inch straps onto your body. If you are a fan of a camisole or can pull it off with your hair flick then wearing black won’t be as hotty out in the streets. You can pair it up with a long skirt or denim jeans.


Off shoulder flowing dresses are the best possible way to show off your collarbones and shoulders to the max. It is stylish, chic and gives a sense of elegance when you sway with the wind. But the dresses should be flowy if it’s black as it will keep you chilled out in the heat.

off shoulder dresses

Tip: You can add a denim jacket or shrug if you want to wear but with minimal skin.

Crops and Shorts: You can crop it the whole heat out with some peppy toned crop tops and denim shorts. With that pair, your shoes for a casual day out or heels to tint it up with a girly vibe or flats to keep it simple yet touch it with a girl spark.

crops and shorts

Sheer tops with a bralette

If you are in the mood to show off the expensive bralette you bought last week then pair it up with a sheer top which can be plain and simple or embroidered to make it stand out more. You will be airer than ever.

sheer top and bralette

Do you freak out if several inches of your skin are exposed? We can understand and that’s why have thought about several ways you can style and slay without showing any skin. And trust us, there are a lot of options to wrap yourself around. Gurgaon’s summer can be scorching and prickly so it’s important to keep yourself breezy at all times.

Let’s start with the basics! The basic white (or any colour) tee and a denim jean are the lifesavers in the styling community. But if you want to make it different and glow like the damsel in a simple outfit we have some tips to style you up.

You can tuck your tee in as it not only looks the outfit more put together but also makes your legs look longer and exposes your curves. You can buy a Jean with stripes on the sides if you are not too much into the plain thing. Curve an inch of your jean from the bottom.

You can also buy distressed jeans or the ones with frayed bottoms. To step up your game you add belts and light neck pieces to make it look like you put tons of efforts in it. You can also add pumps or heels if you want to look effortlessly elegant.

white top

Maxi dresses are the big hit when the hotty wave comes around. It flows and sways with the wind while covering most of the inches of your body. Maxi dresses are my personal favourite outfit to run back when I cannot find worth wearing in my overpacked wardrobe.

You can pair it up with boots, flats or sneakers it looks the best with everything. Side tip: Boho style is the best style in the maxi dress section. You can also add belts on your waistline to accessorize it.

maxi dresses

If you won’t mind a little leg action then,

maxi dresses

Palazzo pants are the new flared bottoms. They look good for literally any occasion. You can wear them up at your workspace or a party or any brunch or casual dine out. It covers a lot of legs and looks stunning as usual.

plazzo pants

Boho skirts or long circular skirts sure are the greatest stitches of all times. They look chic and wondrous when paired with anything you can find lying around in your wardrobe. Boho skirts are the best printed you can find for a chic look whereas, Long circular skirts with floral prints or abstract strokes are best paired with plain pastel tees. If you’re going to a party just pair your skirt with a shimmery or glittery top and rock the stage.

boho skirts

If you’re a sucker for camisoles but don’t want to flaunt off your skin then you pair it up it with a tee underneath and make it a new style statement. Remember the colour should be plain or pastel.

camisole and top

Work clothes are tough fashion calls that never pick up but you can come out of those pants to fit yourself in other fashion goodies.

You can replace your formal pants with palazzo pants and it will look equally elegant and formal. Or you can pair your formal shirt with a long circular or pencil skirt.

pencil skirt and shirt

Blazers are always that wrap that can tint any outfit in a formal space. You can replace your shirt with a T-shirt or short-necked camisole and cover it up with a lightweight blazer. It gives that casual yet formal vibe while keeping you breezy.


Or you can also replace your blazer with a long coat shrug over your formal shirt.


Step all over the world with the right pair of feet.

Every Footwear speaks a different vibe. For instance, Pumped heels if paired with any outfit automatically dresses up for the party look and adds the tint of glam.

summer fashion

Sneakers are always wrapped up in the casual vibe which is chilled and laid back.


Flats best resemble comfort and elegance strapped up with the outfit.


That’s why footwear is considered to be the jewel of your whole outfit because from the shoes the vibe of your outfit is set.

Tip-off: If you don’t have matching footwear to your outfit then match the footwear with your bag. Always have neutral colours like black, brown, denim blue and white in your rack as these walk along perfectly with your outfit.

If you’re short, mostly go for the nude colours which match your skin tones as they will make your legs look elongated.

Accessorize your glam

To make every outfit pop out you need to add accessories to it. It makes your outfit look different, interesting, elegant and attractive just by pairing the right things with each other. Remember: Everything doesn’t need to be branded or super expensive. Inexpensive side bots also look equally pretty and sometimes even better. You just need to pair it right!

  1. Add high pumps/ heels
  2. Add a hat or a cap (very important to beat the heat)
  3. Add belts
  4. Add jewellery
  5. Add scarves & mufflers
  6. Add cute or classy handbags
  7. Wear stylish sunglasses (summer style essential)

Melt everyone’s heart, not with this summer style!


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