Suresh Momo, Sector 56 Huda Market, Gurgaon

Suresh Momos has been very successful in making the momo’s to appease the people of Gurgaon. With his witty approach to the market of momos and serving what the customer demands, this man has established a name for himself in Huda market of Sector 56 in Gurgaon.

Video of Suresh Momos, Sector 56, Gurgaon:

Details about Suresh Momo, Sector 56, Gurugram:

Location Sector 56, Huda Market, Gurgaon
Contact  8802464899
Google location
Speciality Tandoori Momos
Opening Hours  05:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Home Delivery  Not available 
Price  Approx. ₹70 for two people

Suresh Momo Menu Pictures:

Suresh Momo, Sector 56 Huda Market, Gurgaon menu

More about Suresh Momo

Suresh Momo has a great reputation in Gurgaon for the quality and taste of the momos he serves to his customers. The passion that he works with to satisfy the needs of his customers is usually seen to attract other possible consumers his way.

Tandoori momos served here are not anything that you would have ever tasted in Gurgaon. Serving since 2008, Suresh has a humble momos stall in Huda market and works really hard to never disappoint any customer who reaches him.

The momos served here are of top-notch quality. Every kind of momo is equally good but most customers really enjoy the tandoori version of his steamed delights, he calls it, his specialty.

Added to the already great taste of the momos he serves, he has a blend of 4 dips to go along with. Each one is so good that it’s hard to resist having any.

It’s usually said that a small business would generally have a better taste as they have to struggle to get their name out against the big guns. And Suresh Momo here being the underdog does justice with his momos.

He has made them something that could never face any retaliation from the consumer. The momos are very soft and filled in with hearty ingredients, the outer layer of the momos just melts and gives in to the internal mixture balancing its spices.

The items on the menu for this humble eatery are momos be it paneer, non-veg or veg; tandoori, steamed or fried. The dips on the offering are a very generous combo as well, there are eight dips to go along with his momos.

Nobody offers such a huge variety of dips to go along with momos in the whole Delhi NCR albeit Gurgaon. Some of his dips are really exotic such as Khatti Meethi, Mustard Green and Peanut Coconut.

If the momos weren’t enough the dips are surely going to make you want to visit Suresh Momo in Gurgaon to have a whole new experience of eating momos.

Vlogit Gurgaon was bamboozled by the following this small joint has generated through word of mouth alone. Our team found some regulars of Suresh Momo who themselves claim that they have never had better momos than these in Gurgaon.

They also praise the dedication and passion of the person behind this eatery and tout it as a conversational piece among their friends as well as deem it to be inviting seeing him make these dumplings.



  1. varnika malguri Reply

    by far the best place in gurgaon for Momo’s plz go and check it out this place lovely and amazing taste you surely find it out here.

  2. ankit gupta Reply

    Who can say no to a delicious scrumptious plate of piping hot, steaming, spicy plate of momos while living in gurgaon. I reckon the answer is no one and thus i am no different. I love momos and thus am always on a hunt to find out a new place to try out these delicious dumplings. My search kind of halted when i came upon this post on vlogit fb page and saw the 60 seconds video which they had shared along with the location and it was absolutely mouth watering. The very next day i was at this place to try out some momos and i was more than pleased with the delicious flavours that each dumpling had and was also fascinated by the various kind of sauces which were served alongside with it. This place surely has become my new favourite.

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