Taj City Centre Gurugram

When it comes to providing luxury and celebrity-like treatments with world-class service and facilities in a hotel in Gurgaon, the Taj City Centre is the hotel which has provided such experience for their guests!

If you are here, you must be looking out for the best hotel in Gurgaon, if yes then Taj City Centre Gurgaon will be the right choice for you, make sure to stick around to know more about the hotel.

Talking about the hotel, Taj hotels is a chain of hotels coming under Luxury hotels and it is a subsidiary of one of the most popular Indian brands, Indian Hotels Company Limited which is headquartered in Mumbai.

The hotel was founded and opened by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata who is also the founder of Tata Group, the first establishment made by the company was Taj Mahal Palace which opened in Mumbai.

The company is also a part of another most popular Indian brand, Tata Group and as of now, the company operated around 100 hotels and resort in which 84 are in India including the hotel in Gurgaon and 16 are in foreign countries which include countries like Bhutan, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, United Kingdom, USA and Zambia.

Despite having a luxurious history of serving guests in a luxurious way now, the hotels stand one among the top 3s when it comes to 5-star hotels in Gurgaon.

Taj City Centre Gurgaon Main Services

The backbone of the hotel is the passionate staff working in the hotel who were into dedicating their works for providing more such luxurious services and facilities for their guests.

1. Swimming Pool

A 5-star hotel without a swimming pool is quite not possible, and yes in Taj City Centre also features two swimming pools where you as a guest can have some enjoyable time with your friends and families.

2. Picnic Area

Taj City Centre is also focused to be more comfortable for families, so, in case you are coming with your family and you want to spend some time with your family outside the room, then you can make use of the dedicated picnic area provided in the premises of the hotel.

Also, the hotel provides separate BBQ facilities through which you with your family can have some BBQ parties.

3. Outdoor Furniture

To ensure the most comforts of the guests, the hotel provided certain outdoor furniture located in the sun terrace and garden.

So, in case you feel not to stay in between the 4 walls of your room then you can just come out sit from your room and go to the sun terrace or Garden to have some fresh and enriching experience by getting in touch with nature.

4. Activities

If you are feeling bored being inside your room, then you can just make use of activities being held in the premises of the hotel, which includes:

1. Aerobics
2. Broadcasting of Live Sport Events
3. Live Music/Performance
4. Cooking Class
5. Tour or Class About Local Culture
6. Happy Hour
7. Themed Dinner Nights
8. Stand-Up Comedy
9. Evening Entertainment
10. Nightclub/DJ
11. Gold Matches at Golf Courses
5. Food and Beverages

The hotel also provides certain dedicated services on Food and Beverages, which includes:

1. On-site Coffee House
2. Availability of Chocolate or Cookies house
3. Kid-Friendly Buffets
4. Kid Meals
5. Special Diet Menus
6. Snack Bar
7. On-site Bar
8. On-site Restaurants

6. Free Wi-Fi

The hotel is covered by Wi-Fi antennas capable of providing unlimited fast internet data for the guest arriving in the hotel! So, you as a guest can also enjoy the super-fast internet provided in the hotel and that too for completely free of cost

7. Free Parking

If you are approaching the hotel through your personal vehicle then yes, you can make use of the free parking facility provided in the hotel.

There four types of parking, which is

1. Accessible Parking
2. Parking Garage
3. Street Parking
4. Secure Parking

And, all these parking modes are also well equipped with Security based systems which ensures the safety of your vehicle.

8. Babysitting/child sitting services
The hotel also provides certain family-friendly services which include services like babysitting and child sitting! These services are led by the staff who have tons of experience in childcare.

9. Business Services

Majority of the guests who approach the hotel are business enthusiasts! So, to keep them more comfortable with their works, the hotel provides certain Business Services which includes services like:

1. Fax/Photocopying
2. Business Centers with Computers and high-speed Internet
3. Dedicated Meeting Rooms
4. Dedicated Banquet Rooms

10. Laundry/Trouser Press/Shoeshine/Ironing/Dry Cleaning Service

The staffs in the hotel aim to cover all of your headaches so in case if you are in the necessity of having a Laundry/Trouser Press/Shoeshine/Ironing/Dry Cleaning Service for your clothes then, yes you can make use of the services provided in the premises of the hotel itself.

11. Accessibility for Disabled

The staff of the hotel have taken the responsibility to take care of people who are disabled and help them in all aspects as possible and also they ensure that everyone has a great time in their hotel.

Also, the officials of the hotel make sure that everything including the essentials is accessible for the guests.

In the hotel you disabled can make sure of a lower bathroom sink, higher-level toilets, toilets with grab rails and a wheelchair! So, yes none of the guests in the hotel is being ignored when it comes to providing service and facilities.

12. Spa And Wellness Centre

Taj City Centre also provides Spa and wellness services for their guests! Also, the Spa and Wellness Centre is available at the premise of the hotel, so you can have some relaxing times in the centre.

13. Separate Services for Pets

Pet-friendly hotels are very few and rare to find! If you are looking for a hotel which is pet friendly then, yes Taj City Centre hotel is the right place for you as the hotel is completely pet friendly based and they also provide certain services and facilities for pets and animals as well.

The list of services and facilities provided in the hotel is quite long which includes event spaces, safety deposit box, pet bowls, per basket, grocery deliveries, shared lounge/TV area, packed lunches, dedicated family rooms, VIP rooms, Barbershops, Beauty shops, Bridal suites, newspaper service and lot more!

Why Choose Taj City Centre Gurgaon

With the services and facilities, it’s quite sure that you won’t be disappointed! Although, if you are still quite confused or not confident to go with Taj City Centre, then make sure check out this section as here we will be guiding on why you should choose Taj City Centre Gurgaon as your choice of stay.

There are two reasons for which we would suggest you choose Taj City Centre Gurgaon, which are:

1. To enjoy luxurious and celebrity-like treatments with world-class service and facilities.

2. Prevention methods and measures are taken to keep you safe from getting infected from coronavirus.

1. To enjoy luxurious and celebrity-like treatments with world-class service and facilities.

Taj City Centre is not only favoured by most of the guests but also it’s been favoured and mostly used by celebrities as well.

The hotel is also a hub and chilling place for many of the celebrities as well! Also, many of the celebrities loved the services and facilities provided to them through which now, they have become regular customers of the hotel as well.

With this, it’s quite sure that you as a guest will get to experience the luxurious and celebrity-like treatments in the hotel.

2. Prevention methods and measures are taken to keep you safe from getting infected from coronavirus.

As the world steps into a new curve, it’s quite important that you as a guest should be taken care of by the hotel’s officials itself! So, to ensure your safety the officials of the hotel have joined in hands and are now, working on to provide the best and safest environment the company has started with a new safety initiative namely, “A Commitment Restrengthened” which is all about to provide a mark of authentic Indian hospitality with the added comfort of safety, hygiene and physical distancing.

The commitment includes certain steps and measures which are advised and trained to the staffs of the hotel to follow it strictly, the steps and measure include:

1. Getting better with best practices

With this, it’s been advised to the staff to follow the latest safety protocol announced by the safety bodies like Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Also, the staff are being asked to keep an eye on the protocols so that it can ensure that the latest protocols are being followed.

The staff who are dedicating their works in the food and beverages section are also asked to follow the protocols from FSSAI and WHO.

2. Training to delight, safely

This initiative is about the training of the staff in the hotel who are trained on safety, hygiene and physical distancing norms to ensure the wellbeing and delightfulness of the guests in the hotel.

3. From touch to technology

Modern technology has made one among the most important factors during this pandemic! So, to ensure the safety of the guests, the staff of the hotel have been trained and said to use the latest technologies which can be used for seamless yet personalized check-ins and check-outs and also it can be used for dining as well.

Also, the payments have got digitized as well and also, technologies like non-invasive thermal screening.

4. Added Room

To avoid the spread of the virus in rooms, the layouts for seating and guests/associates have been altered to strictly follow “Physical Distancing” in vehicles, lobbies, elevators, banquets, restaurants, service areas and common areas as well.

5. Surface Sanitizing

High touch areas like Surfaces, fittings, fixtures, furniture, equipment, stationery, vehicles, cutlery, crockery, linen and laundry are said to be sanitized on a regular basis.

6. Introduction of Policies adapting for precaution

To ensure the safety of all the guests! Suites and rooms are kept vacant for 24 hours after checkout and before reoccupation of new guests, the appropriate guests are in advance requested to submit their health declarations before entering the hotel premises.

7. Care for the caring

This initiative is all about setting up sanitizing stations and protective equipment to keep the guests completely safe from the virus.

Also, the staff of the hotel make sure to do regular health checks and counselling support is also provided to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.
8. Community at heart

Everyone knows about how our frontline heroes have been putting their complete dedication to helping all of us to save our own lives.

So, with this Taj Hotels with Tata values have taken up an initiative to provide meals and accommodation at its selected hotels across the country.

Also, The Taj Public Service and Welfare Trust (TPSWT), in association with Tata Sons, is also serving meals to migrant workers and daily wagers in Mumbai.

What Customers Says About Taj City Centre Gurgaon

Customers reviews are the best way to get a legitimate insight about the hotel, so if you make your choice to choose Taj City Centre as your then, make sure to check out this section to get a better idea about the hotel.

– Ambience
In terms of ambience, both the customer and celebrities were fully satisfied. They said that the ambience in the hotel was kept to its highest standards and the treatment they got from the staff just made them feel more like a king!

Also, many customers and celebrities appreciated the transparency kept on safety and procedure followed by the staff of the hotel to keep their guests safe from the virus.

– Rooms
We got certain reviews and appreciation from customers and celebrities on providing the most comfortable and spacious rooms for their customers.

Also, the staff of the hotel were appreciated for providing high-quality cleaning services provided in all rooms of the hotel.

– Facilities and Services

At last, the most appreciation was given to facilities and services provided in the hotel!

Facilities and services like free parking, free

Wi-Fi services and special room services were highly appreciated by the customers as all these facilities and services made their life much easier.

How To Reach Taj City Centre Gurgaon

As of now, you might have got the confidence to choose Taj City Centre Gurgaon as your choice!
So, if you’re confused about how to reach the hotel, don’t worry here we will be helping you out on the different ways through which you can reach out of the place without any issues.

From Airport
If you come to Gurgaon through Air travel and you have chosen Taj City Centre Gurgaon as your staying place then to reach out the hotel from the airport you go with two ways, Cab/Car Rental or Air shuttle service provided by Taj City Centre Gurgaon

– Cab/Car Rental Service

From the airport, you can just hop into a cab or you can go by car rental and reach out to the hotel!

From the airport, your destination will be about 26 mins depending on the traffic.

— Air Shuttle Service
Air shuttle service can be utilized by the people who are looking for some luxury drive or maybe you just want to get rid of taking stress about your luggage and stuff.

Here you will be picked up from the airport by the staff of the hotel in their luxurious vehicle and you will be dropped into the hotel.

From Metro Station

Another best possible way for you to reach out of the hotel could be through Metro services! We would recommend you to use Metro service only if you are much aware of the location in Gurgaon and you don’t have a huge luggage pack as from the nearest station you may find it difficult for you to reach the hotel.

Keeping suggestions apart, if you are thinking of reaching out to the hotel through metro services then the nearest station for you will be the Huda City Centre Metro Station, from where the hotel is about 500 meters away so you can reach out the hotel by walking by itself.

From Railway Station

If you are reaching out Gurgaon through Railway services then again the right choice for you will be going with a cab or car rental service to reach out your destination which is Taj City Centre Gurgaon.

From New Delhi Railway Station, the hotel is about 44 mins away depending on the traffic.

How To Contact Taj City Centre Gurgaon

If you have certain other queries regarding the hotel then feel free to contact the hotel through the contact information given down below:

Phone: +91 124-6673000

Email: citycentre.gurugram@tajhotels.com

Address: Plot No.1, Sector 44, Gurgaon.

Google map location

FAQ On Taj City Centre Gurgaon

If you have queries anything else make sure to check out the FAQ section as here we have filtered out the queries which were commonly found on customers who have made their decision to reach out the place.

1. Does Taj City Centre Gurgaon have an Are restaurant and bar on-site?
Yes, Taj City Centre Gurgaon has 3 restaurants on-site! Which are:

1. Culina
2. Thai Pavilion
3. Tease

2. What are the price ranges to staying in Taj City Centre Gurgaon?

The prices of the rooms depend on the rooms and the date you have slotted. The price might range from 6k to 7k (exclusive of taxes) for the stay of two people.

3. What’s there to do in Taj City Centre Gurgaon if you are free?

In case you are free and you looking to spend time on service provided in the premises of the hotel then you can go with services like: (service charges may apply)

• Spa and wellness centre
• Fitness centre
• Full Body Massage
• Hot Tub/Jacuzzi
• Sauna
• Have gold matches in Golf Courses
• Spend time in Sun Terrace
• Spend time in Terrace
• Spend time in Garden
• Have snacks at the snack bar
• Hammam
• Foot Massage
• Neck Massage
• Head Massage
• Couple Massage
• Back Massage
• Hand Massage
• Chilling at Sun Terrace or Garden
• Having family time at Sun Terrace or Garden
• Aerobics
• Watching the live Broadcasting Live Sport Events
• Live Music/Performance
• Cooking Class
• Tour or Class About Local Culture
• Happy Hour with your loved ones.
• Having Themed Dinner Nights with your loved ones.
• Going for Stand-Up Comedy shows
• Going to Nightclub/DJ

4. What are the check-in and check-out time in Taj City Centre Gurgaon?

The Check-in time at Taj City Centre Gurgaon is from 2:00 PM and the check-out time is 12:00 PM.

5. What are the types of rooms can a customer choose off?

In Taj City Centre Gurgaon, the particular guest/customer can opt for rooms like

1. Superior Room – With twin beds or free breakfast.
2. Superior Room – With a king bed and free breakfast.
3. Deluxe Room – With twin beds or free breakfast.
4. Deluxe Room – With king bed city or free breakfast.
5. Luxury Room – With twin beds or free breakfast.
6. Luxury Room – With king bed or free breakfast.
7. Taj Club Room – With twin bed with one-way airport travel or free breakfast
8. Taj Club Room – With king bed with one-way airport travel or free breakfast
9. Executive Suite – With king bed with one-way airport travel or free breakfast
10. Luxury Suite – With king bed with one-way airport travel or free breakfast

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