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Crossfit exercises are the modern age exercises which keep an individual entertained as well as help him/her achieve the ultimate body goals. Taj Fitness ensures you increase your strength, endurance, and stamina through these workouts.

With different levels of exercise, there is something new in store for you as you climb up the ladder.

The exercises are not monotonous and are quote amusing which keeps the individual interested in his/her exercise regime. Crossfit balances the factor of entertainment along with rigorous workout at the same time.

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Details of Taj Fitness, Gurgaon

Location Main Mata Wali Gali, Near Purana Kuan, Sukhrali, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Contact 098919 78842
Google Location https://bit.ly/2GlA6Ey
Opening hours 6:00am–9:30am, 6:30pm–9:30pm
Price Call for further details

More about Taj Fitness, Sukhrali, Gurgaon

Taj Fitness is one of the finest gyms in Gurgaon which are equipped with the best training gear for a well-balanced and productive workout session. It focuses upon the strength building of an individual rather than training them just to build those big guns.

With a separate regime for every individual on the basis of their body type and their strength at the beginning of the program helps create a sense of belongingness among them. Undivided attention and care are given to everyone enrolling into this gym to build their interest and confidence.

Crossfit is a very new concept to engage the audience in a fun workout session. These sessions help them in working towards their body goals. As the exercises are quite interesting they look forward each day to try out something new.

Taj fitness has various other departments as well apart from the CrossFit segment. Heavy lifting is also a quite important segment for those who want to flaunt their toned muscles this season. A great dance fitness session i.e Zumba classes are also conducted for those who want to enjoy their workout sessions.

The Zumba classes, in particular, are gaining a lot of exposure among the fitness enthusiasts, as it allows you to workout while having fun. Peppy songs, steps to test the flexibility, and build the core strength of an individual surely seems like a great idea.

Rope battling is also available at Taj Fitness which allows the individuals to give it a shot to one of the most difficult exercises and test their endurance for the same.

Coming back to CrossFit exercises, CrossFit level works on the concept of Mechanics-Consistency-Intensity. Mechanics is the term used to define the movement of the body of an individual. It signifies how well the movement of the various muscles and joints of a body, and how you can enhance those movements with the help of these exercises.

Consistency defines how many times an individual can perform the given exercises in a given frame of time perfectly. It tests the individual’s endurance level and how well would he be able to cope up with those exercises.

Once an individual has got his/her performance at par with these given parameters the Intensity comes in play. Intensity is basically increasing the load and speed on the individual gradually to increase the intensity of the exercise regime.

These classes are also termed as the foundation classes for Crossfit. It introduces the individuals with what they might have to deal with once they get into the CrossFit exercise regime.

Crossfit exercises push individuals to newer limits which they simply never knew existed. They feel a difference in their body and mental well-being. With such extensive and rigorous workout and trying out something new, each day can change a person’s outlook towards a lot of things.

With a proper warm-up session, planned workout, and a very crucially important cool-down session Taj fitness is raising the bar of the being of the best gyms in Gurugram.


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