Tamasha Entertainment, Sector-27, Gurgaon

Tamasha Entertainment is an acting production house. It aims at creating and encouraging enthusiastic actors by providing them with a great platform to showcase their talent.

Video of Tamasha Entertainment, Gurugram

Details of Tamasha Entertainment, Sec-27, Gurgaon

Location P-199/Sec 27/Galleria Hamilton Court Road

Gurgaon, Haryana

Contact +91 8447413361
Google Location https://bit.ly/2TYpfql
Opening hours 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Enrolment Call on the number for more information

More About Tamasha Entertainment, Gurgaon

Tamasha entertainment is your place to be if you have ever thought about acting. They will groom you, encourage you, and make you the best version of yourself. It is a collective group of highly talented actors who are constantly looking for ways to better themselves.

Tamasha entertainment is putting up great shows and theatrical dramas for the public to enjoy. The recent plays which got great recognition were Macbeth i.e a famous play written by Shakespeare, Daddy in doubt and much more.

This acting house doesn’t only focus upon the acting skills of an individual rather tries to bring out the best in them. Tamasha Entertainment is a place where one can truly discover themselves and figure out their own potential.

The whole group of actors here do not perform in one particular play. Rather auditions are conducted and the most suited people are chosen and the rest helps out with the other duties such as backstage, stage direction etc.

Tamasha Entertainment is thus a unit and together they perform to bring only the best to the audience. The kind of encouragement along with the guidance which you get here is unmatchable.

This kind of belief and support is what truly gives an individual the confidence to do better, to enhance themselves, and be what they have always dreamt of.

Tamasha entertainment carries out various kinds of workshops and activities throughout the year. One such workshop i.e Theatre Effects Applied Theatre Workshop was held on the 16th and 17th of this month. The tagline for this workshop was “Stimulating Provocative Experiential”.

This workshop was highly creative and informative. Various kinds of activities were done in order to make people comfortable and confident.

Tamasha Entertainment aimed to inculcate the level of enthusiasm and comfort in the minds of the people attending it so that they can be more of themselves. These methods and activities were done to induce creative thinking.

This workshop by Tamasha Entertainment was done keeping in mind the thinking and simulation of a person working. The various role plays and activities will help unlock a creative segment in his thinking.

This was just a glimpse of what to expect at Tamasha Entertainment and there are still many more to go. You will get the perfect blend of entertainment, creativity, and expertise here.

Tamasha entertainment is constantly devising out new ways to conquer the market of theatrics and entertainment with their creative workshops, theatrical plays, and much more.



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