Tea Company, Sec-17, Gurgaon

Tandoori chai is the new hyped up beverage that has taken its toll over Gurgaon as well. This small stall is serving this delicious beverage and attracting more and more crowd every day.

Tandoori chai has an essence and smell of the earthen pot that truly makes it special.

Video of Tandoori Chai, Sector-17, Gurugram

Details of Tandoori Chai, Gurgaon

Location Sec-17, Huda Market
Contact 8053859602
Google Location https://bit.ly/2GX80z1
Opening hours 5:30 pm-10:30 pm
Price ₹50 for two people (approx.)

More about Tandoori Chai, Sector-17, Gurgaon

This Chai shop is run by two brothers who have brought this concept from Pune. They were so moved by the taste that they felt a need to share it with the people of Gurgaon.

This is really a small roadside place but with this magnificently tasting tandoori chai, they have made a name for themselves.

This joint attracts more and more customers with each passing hour. It also has an advantage of the area it is set up in. The presence of offices and homes truly makes this business bloom.

The customers who are coming here also have all positive things to say. The reviews are amazing and it seems like everyone is simply in love with it.

Apart from the tandoori chai what pleases the customers more is the staff. The staff is incredibly courteous and makes the customers feel welcome.

As the whole kitchen is open it is a sight for everyone to watch the making of this chai. The ingredients used here are pure and nutritious.

The milk which they use is sourced directly from the cattle in their homes which are fed only pure and organic products.

This kitchen is also supremely hygienic and one can witness this fact from their own eyes. They openly make and serve everything so that the customer is satisfied that they are getting nothing but the best.

The preparation of tandoori chai is beautiful. Several “kulhad” or the cups made out of clay are put in a large furnace. The temperature inside this furnace is very high which makes the kulhad red hot.

Once the Kulhads are flaming hot, one of them is taken out with the help of tongs. This kulhad is now held on the top of a brass bowl.

The normal tea which is prepared on the stove using traditional methods is now poured over this hot kulhad. Once the tea is poured over the kulhad the sizzling begins.

The tea sizzles and flows out of this kulhad into the brass bowl just below it. More and more tea is poured into this till the time the brass bowl is full.

This chai is now turned into the famous Tandoori Chai. This chai now has an essence and smell of “mitti” in it. The earthy essence of the kulhad transfers into the chai.

This essence is the special factor due to which the customers are hooked onto it and come back to this place wanting some more.

The idea the brothers had before starting this chai shop was to connect the people of Gurugram to their culture and mitti which is certainly getting lost in this fast growing city.


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