The Trident Hotel Gurgaon

Trident Hotel Gurgaon is a part of The Oberoi group who is one among the leading organisation in the field of the Hospitality industry. Trident hotel is has made its presence in seven different countries and is also known for Luxury Oberoi as the hotel comes under the Oberoi group.

The sub-brand of Oberoi Group, Trident was founded and established back in 1934 and has been providing special hospitality service for their customers since that time. The aim of the establishment of Trident was to bring out and provide the best possible experience for their customers.

The hotel in Gurgaon has been spread over 7 acres of land and has been established in an aim for providing a stress-free environment for their customers.

In the hotel premises, you will get to experience the real nature with the smell of fresh grass and singing of birds which will eventually make you feel more relaxed and will help you to get out of all the stress.

The hotel has been designed by Thai architects and it’s been designed and developed to provide natural elements and luxurious space, water and light.

Also, the design of the hotel was influenced and designed by taking inspiration from Mughal and Rajasthani style in its architecture and the rooms in the hotel have wooden flooring and are decorated in such a way that as a guest you can feel and experience the enthusiasm of nature.

With all these factors, the hotel gained a good and positive exposure and also they won the hearts of its customers with their nature touching services.

Also, the hotel got nominated and has won the “National Tourism Award for The Best Hotel In The 5-Star Category” in 2017. With that, the hotel gained tons of positive exposure and is also listed one among the top 5-star hotel’s everyone should stay in Gurgaon.

Trident Hotel Gurgaon Main Services

All of their success was possible due to two factors, their architecture and the services provided in the hotel.

If we talk about the main services followed in Trident Hotel Gurgaon, it’s been said that the hotel has been into awesome and luxurious services for their guests and they have been getting good thumbs and appreciation for the service they provide.

Here is the list of few services you will get if you choose Trident Hotel Gurgaon as your choice of staying.

1. Swimming Pool

A 5-star hotel without a swimming pool is not quite possible and it is a necessity of the guests.

Yes, you do get a swimming pool in Trident hotel Gurgaon but it’s not just a normal swimming pool as here you get a swimming pool which is been located in such a location where you have the smell of fresh grass, fresh air thus, you will be getting to swim in a nature-filled swimming pool.

2. Free-Wi-Fi

If you are out of data or you are coming any other country and you need internet data as a necessity then you don’t need worry as the whole Trident hotel Gurgaon has been spread with Wi-Fi antennas and has an internet shield around the hotel premises from which you can enjoy free and speed Wi-Fi internet anytime you want.

3. Free Parking

If you are reaching out to the hotel in your own private vehicle then again you don’t need much about the safety concern about your vehicle as you will get a Free Parking area in the premises of the hotel where you can park your vehicle.

Also, to ensure the security of your vehicle the parking area will be under the strict surveillance to avoid theft or any kind of damage to your vehicle and guess what! All these parking services will be done completely for free of cost!

No matter how many days you stay! You won’t be charged anything for the parking of your vehicle and it will be under strict security surveillance as well.

4. Outdoor Furniture

As we mentioned, the hotel was established to provide nature touching experiences for their guests so for that, the hotel has a separate set of outdoor furniture where you just sit and enjoy the fresh air and the smell of nature or maybe have some drinks like coffee or tea.

5. Fitness Centre/Gym

If you are one among the people who are into heavy lifting or even having daily gym workouts! You don’t have to worry about leaving your routine as in the hotel premises you get a personalized Gyming centre with all the modern equipment you may require and here you have your workouts anytime you like.

6. Special Room Service

If you are so tired and you can’t go out of your room then you don’t need to worry much as you will be able to use Special Room services through which you can have anything you want at your room.

7. Laundry, Ironing and Dry Cleaning Service
If in need you need cleanup for your dress then here in the hotel premises itself you can use the Laundry/Ironing/Dry Cleaning service.

8. Spa and Wellness Centre

If you are looking to relax and reduce all of your stress then you can make use of the Spa and Wellness services provided in the hotel!
Here you use the service and you can get rid of all the pressures you have, and also you enjoy the beauty of nature as all these treatments will be done on purpose for you to relax and also enjoy the beauty of nature thus, you will feel more relaxed.

9. Accessibility for Disabled

The staff in the hotel give special attention and care for the guests who are disabled and also they ensure that all of their facilities provided by them are also taken and utilized by disables.

Also, the staff in the hotel will provide extra care to ensure that the guest can have a smooth less nature touching experience without any obstacles.

10. Business Facilities

As the majority of the business enthusiasts chose Trident hotel as their choice as the hotel provided facilities especially focusing on Businesses.

Here you get business-related services like Fax/photocopying, Business Center, Meeting Room, Banquet facilities for, especially business dining.

There are many more other services like shuttles services, food and drink services, activities based services, transport services, entertainment and family services and many more which make Trident hotel to be special.

Why Choose Trident Hotel Gurgaon?

After looking at the series of services and facilities provided in the hotel you must have got quite confident to choose Trident as your choice, but even then make sure to check out this section as here we will be guiding you on why you should choose Trident Hotel as your choice.

There are two reasons for which you should definitely choose Trident Hotel Gurgaon as your choice of staying.

1. Nature Touching Experience
2. Precautions and measures are taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Nature Touching Experience
If you have read till here, you must have got to know that the overall experience that you will find in the Trident Hotel Gurgaon is way more different than other 5-star hotels.

All of us know how powerful nature is and how it can be beneficial for us! So, if you are looking for a place to relax and have a soothing experience then no doubt a touch with nature’s beauty is the solution which you will get in the Trident Hotel Gurgaon.

Precautions and measures are taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19

All of us must be aware of the serious spread of the coronavirus in India but, when it comes to following the right precautions and measures it’s sure that the spread of the virus can be further eliminated.

So, looking at this huge pandemic, the officials of Trident Hotel Gurgaon have come with a new scheme related to COVID-19 which is to ensure the safety and security of the guests.

Their schemes for COVID-19 consists of two parts which are:

1. Commitment to Cleanliness & Hygiene
2. Revising the rules of Cancellation Policies

1. Commitment to Cleanliness & Hygiene

Cleanliness & Hygiene plays a vital role for avoiding the spread of the virus, so to ensure the safety of the guests the staffs of the hotel have been practising all the safety norms directed by the safety bodies of Government of India and WHO with complete transparency so that you as a guest will feel a lot more comfortable and safe.

Although, with Oberoi group hotel even their sub-brand, Trident Hotel has the same and long safety and hygiene standards which are practised with complete transparency.

The standards include Front office practices, Security practices, Housekeeping practices, Food and Beverages practices, Kitchen practices, Laundry practices, Engineering practices, Heart of House practices, Material Receiving practices.

All these practices include about 10-15 more detailed practices and measures which have been practised to avoid the spread of the virus.

Also, the officials of the hotel have introduced other precautionary methods like regular cleaning and sanitizing of touchpoints like door handles, elevator buttons, countertops, tabletops railing etc.

And, the mask and disposable gloves are maintained and worn by all the staff and it’s been changed in regular intervals. Here housekeeping staff are asked to use a new pair of gloves for every room service.

And, social distancing has been strictly asked to maintain in all public places like dining rooms, entrances etc.

2. Revising the rules of Cancellation Policies

With the pandemic, the travel plans are quite worse affected, so due to these reasons the reservations in the hotel are kept to open for till 30th September 2020 and you can even choose to cancel the reservations without any penalties.

And, in case you have already paid a booking deposit amount you will be given two choices, either you can hold them for future travel valid until 31st December 2020 or you can ask for a refund as well.

Also, if you are making a new reservation right now, then also all these policies will be applicable for you as well.

Trident Hotel Gurgaon Contact Number

If you have any queries to be asked! Feel free to contact the officials of the hotel from the contact information given down below:

Phone: +91 11 23890555, +91 124 245 0505.

Address: 443, Gurgaon – Delhi ExpressWay, Phase V, Udyog Vihar, Sector 33, Gurgaon.

Google map location

What Customers Says About Trident Hotel Gurgaon

Majority of the customer’s reviews were based on nature touching mixed luxurious experiences they had in the hotel.

Many customers loved the fact that the rooms were well cleaned, maintained and also had sufficient way to get natural sunlight into the room and many of the customers also had a positive approach for Trident and many of the customers have been in fact they have been suggesting to tryout Trident hotel if you are looking for a couple friendly or Family-friendly hotel, Trident Hotel Gurgaon will be the right choice for you.

Also, all of their recent guests were fully satisfied for showing such transparency in following the protocols directed by the safety bodies to avoid the spread of the virus.

How to Reach Trident Hotel Gurgaon?

For now, you must have made your decision to try out Trident Hotel Gurgaon, yes you don’t be disappointed with the decision.

So, if you’re confused about how to reach the hotel, don’t worry here we will be helping you out on the different ways through which you can reach out of the place without any issues.
From Airport

Trident Hotel Gurgaon has been known for its ideal location which makes it easier for their guests to reach out to the hotel easily.

If you come to Gurgaon through Air travel and you have chosen Trident Hotel Gurgaon as your staying place then to reach out the hotel from the airport you go with two ways, Cab/Car Rental or Air transfer service provided by Le Meridien Hotel.

Cab/Car Rental service

If you are reaching out Gurgaon through air travel and you need to reach Trident Hotel Gurgaon then one of the favourable options for you could be to go either with Cab or Car rental service.

From the airport, your destination will be about 18 minutes depending on the traffic however, if you are not confident with directions then we would highly recommend you to go with Cab services.

Air Transfer Service

If you have a lot of luggage and you are quite tired with long travelling then no doubt Air Transfer Service will be the right choice for you!

Here you will be picked up from the airport by the staff of the hotel in their luxurious vehicle and you will be dropped into the hotel and then into your room and with that, you don’t need to worry much about your luggage as everything will take care by the staff of the hotel itself.

In short, you will be brought from the airport to the hotel in a luxurious way and you need not worry about anything if you go with this service.

From Metro Station

Another best possible way for you to reach out of the hotel could be through Metro services! We would recommend you to use Metro service only if you are much aware of the location in Gurgaon and you don’t have a huge luggage pack as from the nearest station you may find it difficult for you to reach the hotel.

Keeping suggestions apart, if you are thinking to reach out the hotel through metro services then the nearest station for you will be the Indusland Bank Cyber City Station from here the hotel is about 550 meters away so you can reach out the hotel either by walk.
From Railway Station

If you are reaching out Gurgaon through Railway services then again the right choice for you will be going with a cab service to reach out your destination which is Trident Hotel Gurgaon.

From New Delhi railway station the hotel is about 33 minutes away depending on the traffic.

FAQ On Trident Hotel Gurgaon

If you have queries anything else make sure to check out the FAQ section as here we have filtered out the queries which were commonly found on customers who have made their decision to reach out the place.

1. Does Trident Hotel Gurgaon have a Restaurant on-site?

Yes, Trident Hotel Gurgaon comes with five of their own personalized restaurants which are only for providing food service to the guests of the hotel.

2. What are price ranges to staying in Le Meridien Gurgaon?

The prices of the rooms depend on the rooms and the date you have slotted. The price might range from 9k to 11k for the stay of two people.

What are the check-in and check-out time in Le Meridien Hotel Gurgaon?

The Check-in time at Le Meridien Hotel is from 2:00 PM and the check-out time is 12:00 PM.

3. What are the types of rooms can a customer choose off?

There are tons of choices you get while choosing the right room for you! The options of rooms have been divided into sectors like Superior Garden View Room, Superior Pool View Room, Deluxe Garden View Room, Deluxe Pool View Room, Executive Suite and Presidential Suite.

4. What are the policies for small children?

Up to 2 children up to 8 years of age stay for free and also a maximum of one child’s bed can be placed in a room which will be provided at no additional charges.

1 child in between the age of 8 and 12 years of age can also stay in the hotel completely for free and they will be set to stay in the parent’s room and a child’s bed will be provided with no additional costs.

For 2 children between 8 and 12 years of age can stay but an additional room will be necessary to be taken.

If a child is above 12 years, he or she will be given a separate room and will be required at the Parent’s applicable room rate and they will also be asked to use an extra bed.

5. Are there any additional policies for booking more rooms?

If you are booking more than 5 rooms then you can make use of different policies and additional supplements might apply.
Extra beds will be dependent on the room you choose for.

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