Women Only Coworking Space: uoQpi (You Occupy)

uoQpi is Delhi-NCR first women only coworking space. Before we dive into uoQpi, let’s understand the concept of coworking & why female coworking space is important in today’s time.

Now what is coworking? It is more than just the shared workspace. It is also a community of independent workers, telecommuters, and creative professionals who interact, while still getting their individual work done.

uoQpi (You Occupy) History

Founded in 2019, uoQpi is Delhi-NCR first women only coworking space which provides a place for like-minded women entrepreneurs to work & grow together. The founders Megha Agarwal & Neha Agarwal encourage women entrepreneurs to come forward with their businesses to form a community which is comfortable and has got all sort of resources available under one roof.

uoQpi gives a sense of freedom to the women who want to express their opinions without being getting judged by others. The interior of the office will give you the vibes of lush greenery.

It has got sufficient sitting space (approx 100 people) as well as advertisement places for your own business (which is free of cost). The office is in Unitech Cyber Park and if you peep out of the window you’ll get to see a wonderful view of Gurgaon.

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uoQpi (You Occupy) Amazing Services

uoQpi is giving you a huge list of services which mainly follows as-

Unlimited Internet And WiFi: Work under no interruptions because Uoqpi gives you unlimited internet/ Wifi facility. So that your workflow goes on smoothly and hassle-free.

Flexible Terms: If your business timings are different or you have a flexible business then don’t worry because uoQpi has got your back. They adjust themselves according to your needs.

Storage Space: One can get a considerable amount of storage space for their office-related stuff.

Conference Room: There’s a standard conference room for you to have meetings with overseas clients as well.

Dedicated Lockers: Not just big desks there’s lots of storage space for you books, papers, personal hygiene items, jackets etc.

Meeting Room: For brainstorming sessions or general sessions with your team, there is another separate meeting room provided by uoQpi.

Optional Ergonomic Desks: If you are tired of sitting in your office chair then uoQpi gives you an option of using ergonomic friendly standing desks. So work via sitting or standing for a healthier work environment..

Access Code: Access code is meant for giving more security to you, it’s used to keep a tab on everyone.

Makeup Room: One room which caught our attention is the “Makeup” room!!! Ladies can take their stress off by doing what they love i.e. makeup. If your business is related to makeup, then makeup artist can also hire the room for professional use. What else can be better than this?!

Training Room: Its meant for activities like team building, team bonding, workshops, talks etc.

uoQpi Community: one can log into this portal which is more or less like a facebook group but the only difference is that it’s meant for ladies only who want to pour their hearts out or want to discuss on any work related issue or otherwise.

This tool is also powerful for building networks amongst each other. Uoqpi has also got an app regarding it so one can stay connected while on the go.

Some basic facilities Uoqpi gives such as:

Printing Facilities
Chilled Filtered Water
CCTV Security

How to reach uoQpi (You Occupy) Gurgaon

Address: 1002-1003, 10th Floor, Tower C, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector-39, Gurugram-122002, Haryana, India

Contact: 9650000197, 9711131911

Email: uoqpispace@gmail.com




One can reach uoQpi office by using the yellow line metro service. The metro station that one has to deboard is Huda City Centre. From Huda City Centre one can take an auto for Unitech Cyber Park directly.

The building has all the facilities that one would want. It has a huge space to use for a walk (if you want to take a break), also different cafeteria along with restaurants are available at Unitech Cyber Park.

Why there is a need for female coworking spaces?

Today, just around 14% of all Indian businesses are run by women, and many female professionals still battle workplace-related issues.

When talking about co-working spaces, we fail to recognize that there are women at various different points in their life who would want to work. A lot of women are getting into work mode while expecting children, juggling motherhood with their home life and more.

Women often feel less motivated as well as less encouraged due to constantly surrounded by the suited “tech bros”.

Why a women only coworking space over a regular coworking space?

Women only co-working spaces are becoming a powerful force for connectivity, creativity, and inspiration, providing women with a place to focus on their businesses and expanding their networks.

This type of environment encourages women empowerment. How? Well, when one is surrounded by other successful women handling their own entrepreneurial business responsibilities and are marking their way on their own, the message goes loud & clear to others.

There’s absolutely no doubt that working with other people helps a lot in networking. This automatically helps in bonding with other people of different domains and in turn improves your business holistically. When like-minded women will connect to each other then it will help them to overcome the lack of mentorship.

Harassment at the workplace is the biggest issue females are facing but women co-working space will give you a feeling of safety & a sense of security. A safe state leads to a stress-free mind which will help in bringing out more productivity at the workplace.


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