Vivafit: Women Oriented Fitness Centre, Gurgaon

Fitness is necessary but what’s more to it is continuity as the word ‘viva’ suggests ‘long live’. But isn’t it natural that getting off the motivational track is too easy?

Who likes to wake up at 5 am and go for a 5km brisk walk or make up mind for even an hour at the gym? Most importantly for an introvert and ‘opposite – gender-conscious’ ladies Vivafit, DLF-Phase-4 Gurgaon is here.

Worry no more! If you consider the gym a monotonous place to sweat, Vivafit got activities stacked. A global brand for muscling women to their innermost hulk. 

Owner’s Belief-“I believe fitness is your mental and physical ability to do what you want when you want. It has nothing to do with your weight, built or looks.

Women should not be under unnecessary pressure to look a certain way. Feeling energetic, happy, strong and calm is most important in our stressful urban lives today.”

Vivafit Main Services

30 mins express workout

To hit your limits and beyond in less time with hydraulic machines workout. 

Nutrition Consultation 

To let that favourite dress of yours slip on your curves faster and better with professional assistance on the intake of your bits and bytes. 

Vivafit Circuit 

3 days a week and 30 mins of your workouts hours are all that this training needs to Polish you with a circuit of hydraulic machines and 8 platforms to maximize your strength and cardiovascular health with sprints, burpees, Jumping Jacks, Jumping Ropes and Stairs etc. No physical conditions or age boundaries. 

Burn It Training 

Shed some kilos and minimize the types of equipment to tone your lower body, Chest  Triceps, Abs etc. inspired by High-Intensity Training for women who always want to stake it one step above all. 

Sbarre Shape It

Make those muscles and moves fluid with sbarre shape it which puts you into the shoes of a ballerina (not literally) to feel the strength of a dancer but in a softer and composed way. 

Vivafit Zumba 

Who said that exercising can’t be fun? Well, if you catalyse it with some dance moves and music it burns your calories faster! 

Vivafit Pilates

An exercise for women with the sole motive of having 45mins completely dedicated to their core muscles and spinal muscles. It definitely works on your balances, emotional well-being, stress reduction factors as well. 


For 45mins disconnect with the materialistic world and picture yourself into some dense evergreen forest or some mountain top as a sage who has passed the ‘self-realisation’ stage and is into unravelling mysteries that can’t be seen with bare eyes. 

Locker & Shower Facility, Personal Training, Group Classes. 

Vivafit USPs

Vivafit Franchises bet there aren’t many women-oriented Gyms that offer franchise too! 

Latest Videos on Fitness, well, if you ate tight on your budget but appeal to cut off some edges then disappointed you’ll be not because Vivafit has got fitness and health videos too. 

Mandira Bedi as Vivafit’s brand ambassador, well as the saying goes ‘To be perfect you need to be perfect yourself first’ and, Ms Mandira Bedi definitely lives up to that proverb by stoking up the fitness cuts and curves with her glam architecture.

Quick yet efficient workouts for women. 

Women can lose weight, tone up, gain energy in one simple workout without wasting time.

Do not use the heavy machines and hours of gym time, you just need 30 minutes of Vivafit workouts 3-4 times a week to see results. 

For those who want to carve out their future in fitness with financial and personal growth satisfaction. 

Special Offers like:

Monsoon discounts 

Fit at Fifty clubs 

Inaugural discounts for the first 50 members  (in case of a new franchise). 

Vivafit Image Gallery

Vivafit Locality

Address: C-72, 7th Floor, Supermart 1, Vyapar Kendra Road, Near Ki Hangla Restaurant, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon, 122002. 

Take Metro: Go for yellow line metro going to Huda City Centre exit from Gate no. 1 following the Maf Hussain Marg a 21mins walk to Vivafit or take an E-Rick as per convenience. 

Opting a Taxi ride? The average cost is going to be Rs.170 to Rs.300 fare might vary according to the peak or slack hours. 

Vivafit Contact



Vivafit Fees

Their membership comes to average 2500+gst/month depending on which package one chooses.

And right now they are running a promotion of 45 days in just rs 3000 inclusive of everything.

*Note: Prices may vary with time*

Vivafit FAQs

What are the services available? 

Ans Zumba | Circuit Training | Yoga | Pilates | Total Body Workout | Kickboxing | Functional Training | Strength Training | Personal Training | Burn it Strength | Burn it Cardio. 

What are the timings? 

Ans. The timings may vary according to the training one opts for so it is suggested to contact the branch for details. 

Is there only one branch of vivafit in Gurgaon? 

Ans. Apparently, there are three in total,
Vivafit: Anita Prakash 8800200270

Vivafit: Nupur Gautam: 7838358788

Vivafit: Kanika Varma: 9560526725

What are the membership rates of vivafit?

Their membership comes to average 2500+gst/month depending on which package one chooses. And right now they are running a promotion of 45 days in just rs 3000 inclusive of everything.

Written by: Manasvi


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