Wangshi’s, Sapphire Mall, Sector 49, Gurgaon

Wangshi’s restaurant is a highly reputable restaurant located in Saphire Mall near Sohna road Gurgaon. As mentioned, Wangshi’s restaurant is has set up their hub in Gurgaon which eventually is popularly known for its highly rated business and economy also Gurgaon is popular in restaurants categories as well.

Talking about the restaurant Wangshi is famously known to provide its best in class Chinese and Thai dishes for their customers.

The officials of Wangshi the restaurant claim that their hub is considered to be one of the best and high rated hangout Place for Food and Beverages in Gurgaon.
Also, you could know that it’s been a while since Wangshi’s restaurant got established and getting a healthy amount of positive response from all Delhiites and also Gurgaoneans out there.

Wangshi’s Image

wangshi momos

Wangshi’s Ambience

If you are wanting to acknowledge about the Ambience of Wangshi’s restaurant! Then, after looking at mixed reviews from the consumers who have already been there to the restaurant it is sure that if someone visits Wangshi’s they will surely fall in love with their above-mentioned aspects.

Also, there is no doubt regarding Ambience that Wangshi’s ambience will be quite suitable for Couples, Students, Working Professionals, and Youngers as well.

With that Wangshi’s got also a reputable name for being one of the most trusted and health-centric food hub in whole Gurgaon.
By health-centric food, you must be wondering about the food varieties Wangshi provides.

Then you should know that the eating hub has a lot more varieties of food ready to serve you!

If we go into their menu; you will surely notice that they have designed their menu by looking at the basics needs and requirements of their customers and also they have designed it by considering the menu to be easy to read and understand by their customers, also you can take the help of their staffs who are polite and interactive for more clarifications.

If you want to acknowledge about the menu sections, then here is a brief about the menu section in Wangshi’s restaurant. At first, their menu consists of few sections like Vegetarian Starters, Non-Vegetarian Starters, Main Course Non-Vegetarian, Lamb Main Course, Prawn/Fish Main Course, Soup, Vegetarian Appetizers, Salads, Non-Vegetarian Appetizers, Dimsum, Asian Curries, Mains Vegetarian, Chicken, Rice, Noodles and Full Meal/Combo. And all these sections consists of about 07-25 food varieties each! It clearly shows that huge varieties of food are available in the restaurant.

Additionally, Wangshi’s restaurant also provides other required facilities like Home Delivery, Indoor Seating, and Mall Parking as well.

Wangshi’s Best Dishes

By looking at the ambience and other facts about Wangshi’s, you must surely be deciding to visit.

So, before making your visit to Wangshi’s do check out few of their best dishes which we have filtered out from several reviewing sites and also we have gone through many of the reviews given by the customers! Also, we had a conversion with the officials of the restaurant regarding what best food varieties they offer and which all food varieties are most of the time ordered

So by that, we found that food varieties like Momos, Noodles, Clear Soup, Thupka Soup, Manchow Soup, Wonton Soup, Tum Yum Soup, Vegetable Friend Wintin, Chilli/Paneer Tikka, Toku Kung Pao, Veggies in Plum Sause, Honey Chilli Lotus Stem, Vegetable Spring Roll, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Larb Kai, Chicken Five Spices, Chilly Chicken Dry, Drums of Heaven, Shredded Lemon Chicken Dry, Chicken Lollipop, Assorted Veg Dimsum, Kaeng Phed, Stir-Fried Asians Greens Gravy and lot more are there!

If you are confused about what to try their you can surely try anything given and also if you find something else tastier and is not listed here then do let us know in the comment section below.

Also, these are some of the most appreciated and loved menu items and they are also highly recommended by people.

How to Reach/Contact Details Wangshi’s

If you are looking to reach the restaurant then we will provide you with the address of their restaurant below you can go through it.

Phone: 0124 4224437. +91 9999279070.

Address: G 52, The Sapphire Mall, Sector 49, Gurgaon.

Google map location

FAQ’s regarding the Restaurant

How much will be the average cost spent for two people?
Exclusive of taxes for two people the approximate cost may go up to Rs. 700.

Do they provide home delivery service?
They do provide Home Delivery service, through delivery providers like Zomato, Swiggy.

Is their service good enough?
You can surely try out their food without any hesitation. The majority of the people who have visited the place before had a great experience with the restaurant and they didn’t have any complaint regarding the food service provided! Everything improves with a Feedback so if you have any concerns then you can surely make a note to the representatives there to help them to improve their service.

What are the working hours of the restaurant?
The swift starts at 11:00 AM and ends by 11:00 PM.

Is there food trustable and hygienic?
Yes, you can trust their food, as they have been certified and loved by the consumers who have visited the restaurant before! Also, we saw many of the consumers having good feedback regarding the hygienist maintained in the hub! So, it tells that Wangshi’s is a good place to visit.

Which is the nearest metro station from the restaurant?
The nearest metro station from the restaurant is Huda City Centre station from the station you just need to take a cab to Saphire Mall. From Huda City centre it won’t take much time to reach out of the place.

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