Wise Cow Milk, Gurgaon

Are you looking for the pure cow milk in Gurgaon? Well, don’t worry Wise cow Milk brings you the uncontaminated milk without any bacteria and it was very pure that you’ll surely love it. The wise cow is located in Gurgaon 40 kilometers away from the busy city near a rural and peaceful place. It is the wholesome place with lots of pure products and fine ingredients like ghee, curd, paneer, etc. They will greet you with respect and care. Cow milk comes from farms by professionals and experts.

Wise Cow Milk Products


As you know milk is the basic necessity of life. So, it should be pure, and in this world, people are neglecting their health. So, Wise cow milk brought so pure and fresh milk from their farms and cows while maintaining all the hygienic conditions. You will surely love this fresh and pure milk without complaining.


Ghee is the most important thing for our body as it contains the most important nutrients and wise cow milk provides the best quality of ghee without any impurities. It also provides your body the great strength to do work and to run and improves your skin and muscle strength.

Dairy fresh paneer

Paneer is the most favorite food of all vegetarians mostly and loved by everyone so it must be bacteria-free and pure. The wise cow milk provides paneer made with natural pure cow milk. It is very soft, fresh, and healthy. So, go and tried this safest place and bring healthy milk products for your family.

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Wise Cow Milk USPs

Mr. V N Bajpai is the founder of Good Earth farms.

Wise cow Milk was started in 2014. It is very pure and provides dairy products.

This dairy place has good dairy facilities without chemicals.

The pesticides are grown in their own field and fed to the cows.

The trainers are also well trained.

How to Reach Wise Cow

Address: VPO Sultanpur Kheri, Near Pataudi, district Jhajjar, Haryana-122414

Phone Number:+91 98108010888

Opening Hours: 5 AM-8 AM Monday to Sunday


Google Map Location

Wise cow Milk is located almost 40 KM away from the city of Gurgaon in a peaceful environment away from the chaos of the city. It is located in Pataudi in Jhajjar you can take a cab or taxi to reach a wise cow.

Wise Cow Milk FAQs

How many days do dairy open?

From Monday to Sunday his diary is open.

What is the opening time of Wise Cow Milk?

On Monday- Sunday (5 AM-8 PM).

Is Milk fresh?

Yes, the milk is very pure.

What do they feed to the cows?

They feed green grass and fodder to the cows.

Do Wise Cow milk produce milk from their own cow?

Yes, they get milk from their own cows which are bacteria-free and free from chemicals.


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