Zambar, Ambience Mall, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon

Zambar is one of the best and popularly known restaurants located in Ambience Mall in Gurgaon. Zambar is mostly loved for its children’s varieties of food.

While talking to the officials of Zambar; they said that their main aim when Zambar was first established in the northern part of India was mainly aimed to serve South Indian cuisine in North India. Zambar was also set to serve cuisines specifically from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

As mentioned above; Zambar The restaurant is mainly famous for its southern food and also for their serving service which includes Chettinad, Kuttanad, Malabar, and Coorgi, Mangalorean and Madras curries and vegetables.

Zambar could be an awesome place for all of the south Indians who are staying in the north can enjoy their own favourite south Indian dishes or even they can taste their south Indian foods to their north Indian friends as well.

Zambar gained its popularity as the most trustworthy and different concept serving technique, you should be knowing that Delhi Food Tours said that “typically south Indian spices which can be traced to the open kitchen within seconds.

Also, Zambar was rated by a few media publications like Times of India! They said, “Zambar showcases the food of the four southern states, with a preponderance of dishes from Tamil Nadu”

The entire staff kitchen and service in Zambar is to be taken from the south.

They provide three sections in their cuisines menu which include vegetarian, non-vegetarian and coastal The Vegetable Avial was the finest version.

Zambar Ambience

If we talk about the Ambience of Zambar restaurant; Zambar restaurant is specially designed to meet all of the requirements you need! The atmosphere in the restaurant is highly concentrated to get suited for families, couples and also for a bachelor as well. The officials for Zambar will take care of their staff and you can enjoy their southern food.

Not only that, but Officials of Zambar also said that with their premium service, food and ambience they have also focused on providing all these with pocket-friendly price tags.

If we talk about more facilities they provide, you should know that they also provide other services which include Full Bar, Buffet, Indoor Seating, Wi-Fi, Outdoor Seating, Table Booking, Home Delivery etc.

Reminder: If you are planning to visit the restaurant, you should know that before you visit the place you have to reserve a table before. As Staffs of Zambar are highly recommending to do so, it won’t take much time, you just have to make a call and inform them for the timing you wanted a table to be reserved.

Zamber Image

zambar costal thali

Zambar Best Dishes

As we mentioned above they are well known for South Indian, and special foods from states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh etc. You must be wondering about the best food the restaurant provides then If you are a veggie food lover then you can go with Appam, Thali, Malabari Paratha, Malabari Stew, Chettinad Kari, Avial, and Thoran.

And If you are a non – veggie food lover then you can go with Chettinad Chicken, Kori Kurra, Achamma’s Lamb Curry, Mutton Sukka, Biriyani and Kerala Chai Kada Chilli Chicken.

You can also go with other Seafood dishes as Zambar also provides different kinds of seafood in their cuisine. If you are looking to taste their seafood you can go with Kerala Fish Curry, Gunpowder Prawns, Prawn Platter.

As mentioned above Zambar is especially known for its Children based cuisines! Their children based cuisines include Bruce Lee Idlee, Tom and Jerry Appam, Scooby-Doo Sa, Mowgli’s Jungle Mash, Chhota Bheem Ladoo, Pizza Uttapam, Spiderman’s Web, Avenger Thanos Cone and Captain America as well.

Also, Zambar provides few of the popularly known south India beverages which you can have after having your awesome and delicious south Indian food.

If you are wondering for the best among the beverages then you can go with Chukku Dry Ginger Kappi, Tender Coconut Water, Cold-Pressed Fruit Juice, and South Indian Filter Kappi.

How to Reach/Contact Details Zambar

If you are looking to reach the restaurant then we will provide you with the address of their restaurant below you can go through it.

Phone: 0124 4665639.

Address: Shop 310, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon.

Google map location

FAQ’s regarding the Restaurant

How much will be the average cost spent for two people?

Exclusive of taxes for two people the approximate cost may go up to Rs. 1500. Prices may differ from person to person, the price we have given is estimated you can also go low if you want. If you are looking for a great friendly pocket restaurant Zambar would be a better choice for you.

Do they provide home delivery service?

They do provide Home Delivery service, through delivery providers like Zomato.

Are their service and food trustable?

Yes, Zambar is famously known for its best service and food not only that they have also been certified to provide the best in class service to their customers, so there is no doubt regarding their service and food.

What are the working hours of the restaurant?

The swift starts at noon and ends by 11:30 pm. You can contact them between the time frames of these two swifts.

Which is the nearest metro station for Zamber?

Zambar restaurant is located in Ambience mall so to get their Moulsari Avenue could be the nearest metro station as from there the mall will be in your eyesight and you can reach out the places just by few footsteps. If by mistake you get down at Huda city centre then you can take a cab to reach out Ambience Mall directly.

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